Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

You've established yourself as one of the most powerful warriors in history — your weapons are lethal, your abilities are sharpened to a razor's edge and your courage couldn't be greater. Yet with the death of the Demon Snake, you and all the other epic fighters of legend must answer the call of a mysterious stone that urges you to the hectic battlefields once more. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate combines all the heart-pounding combat action you loved in Warriors Orochi 3 with brand-new features, immersive storylines and mind-blowing new moves that help you decimate any foe that stands in your way. Prepare yourself once again for the thrilling heat of battle.
Fans of Warriors Orochi 3 will find all the fast-paced fighting action they crave, plus new exciting new features, in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, the latest installment in the popular combat franchise. Ready yourself for the fight of a lifetime with more than 51 dark, ominous stages of battlefields that are populated with up to 100 enemies on each screen that will test your strength and skills. Bring opponents to their knees with an array of lethal new moves such as Aerial Special attacks and switch between individual characters and dish out attacks as a party of three with the amazing power of Triple Rush. Strike down foes by executing True Musou Burst with up to six characters. Get to know more than 145 playable characters, including nine brand-new fighters and a broad roster of crossover characters from popular games. Customize character models and battle cries with Musou Battlefields for a personalized gaming experience. Learn more about the thrilling mythology of the game with new side stories loaded with exciting scenarios and secrets, the ability to battle from a different point of view and even hypothetical stages that transport you to a parallel world. Feel the intensity of three versus three team battles and card battles in Duel Mode, and create powerful weapons with alchemy using the Craft Weapons feature. Drain the vitality from your foes or revive your compatriots with the Life Gauge, and flee from the heat of battle with Dragon Portals. The next chapter in the Warriors Orochi saga awaits you — do you have what it takes to return to the battlefields one more time?