Project Cars

Nothing compares to the feeling you get on race day. Your heightened senses take in all of the surrounding sights, sounds and smells — the faint whiff of burnt rubber and the thick, oily odor of gasoline, the engines revving and good-natured taunts between rivals and the metallic glint of candy-colored paint jobs. The focused pursuit of first place has taken you around the world, and you've faced some of the most treacherous courses on this planet — perilous, mind-bending turns, bumpy, hill-strewn tracks and much more. Your gloved hands tighten around the wheel as you eagerly await the signal. As the race begins, you expertly shoot into a leading position, navigating the course with the confidence of someone already imagining that trophy in their hands.

Project Cars puts you behind the wheel of exhilarating, fast-paced racing action, allowing you to create a driver and choose from a variety of motorsports. Experience more than 60 exciting tracks, racing at every time of day and in rapidly changing weather conditions. Establish your place in racing history in season mode, create your own mode or improve your racing prowess in on-track testing. Feel as if you're actually behind the wheel thanks to support for Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift, which enables you to play as if you're looking through the driver's eyes. Race online in up to 20-player races, so you can rise to the top and display your skills. Immortalize your name in the history of racing in Project Cars.

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