About Us

Welcome to PvP Gamers Dungeon!

Opened in November 2015, we are a full-service game lounge featuring the latest in consoles and gaming equipment.

We have:

  • Nine (9) state-of-the-art gaming PCs each with a 500 GB SSD, 16GB RAM, and nVidia GeForce 960 GTX  graphics card
  • Twelve (12) PS4s
  • Twelve (12) Xbox Ones
  • Each PC and console has a Benq MLG certified 27" monitor
  • 1140 Mb/s Internet download speed.

For the peace of mind of parents, we have staff on hand at all times along with digital security cameras operating 24/7.

A full-featured refreshment station is also available featuring:

  • Pop/water/Gatorade
  • Popcorn made fresh onsite
  • Chips and chocolate bars
  • Slices of Kenny's pizza


Hours of Operation

 Monday 2:30 PM   12 AM
 Tuesday 2:30 PM   12 AM 
 Wednesday 2:30 PM   12 AM 
 Thursday Closed for  Private Parties 
 Friday 2:30 PM   1 AM 
 Saturday 4 PM   12 AM 
 Sunday  1 PM  11 PM