PC Games

  • Warhammer: End Times

    Warhammer: End Times

    Vermintide takes place in and around Ubersreik, a city overrun by Skaven. You will assume the role of one of…

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  • Fran Bow

    Fran Bow

    Fran Bow is a creepy adventure game that tells the story of Fran, a young girl struggling with a mental…

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  • System Shock 2

    System Shock 2

    You awake from the cold chill of your cryo-tube to discover cybernetic implants grafted to your flesh and the crew…

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  • Don’t Starve

    Don’t Starve

    Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman…

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  • The Escapists

    The Escapists

    The Escapists provides the opportunity of experiencing a light-hearted insight into everyday prison life and, as is the case with…

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  • Subnautica


    Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril. Craft equipment, pilot submarines and out-smart…

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  • Star Wars: Old Republic

    Star Wars: Old Republic

    Have you ever dreamed of adventure in a galaxy far, far away? Star Wars: The Old Republic puts you at…

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  • Portal 2

    Portal 2

    The single-player portion of Portal 2 introduces a cast of dynamic new characters, a host of fresh puzzle elements, and…

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  • Path of Exile

    Path of Exile

    You are an Exile, struggling to survive on the dark continent of Wraeclast, as you fight to earn power that…

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  • Ori: Blind Forest

    Ori: Blind Forest

    The forest of Nibel is dying. After a powerful storm sets a series of devastating events in motion, an unlikely…

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  • Minecraft: Story Mode

    Minecraft: Story Mode

    In this five part episodic series, you’ll embark on a perilous adventure across the Overworld, through the Nether, to the…

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  • Left4Dead 2

    Left4Dead 2

    This co-operative action horror FPS takes you and your friends through the cities, swamps and cemeteries of the Deep South,…

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  • Guild Wars 2

    Guild Wars 2

    For generations, war and chaos raged across the land of Tyria. Five great races competed and warred against each other,…

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  • Garry’s Mod

    Garry’s Mod

    Garry's Mod is a physics sandbox. There aren't any predefined aims or goals. We give you the tools and leave…

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  • Firewatch


    The year is 1989. You are a man named Henry who has retreated from his messy life to work as…

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  • Dying Light

    Dying Light

    Experience the untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s story set in a vast region outside the city of Harran. Leave the…

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  • Divinity: Original Sin

    Divinity: Original Sin

    Gather your party and get ready for a new, back-to-the-roots RPG adventure! Discuss your decisions with companions; fight foes in…

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  • Deus Ex

    Deus Ex

    The year is 2029, and mechanically augmented humans have now been deemed outcasts, living a life of complete and total…

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  • Arma 3

    Arma 3

    After years of intense warfare against Eastern armies, Europe has become the last stand for the battered NATO forces. On…

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  • Age of Empires

    Age of Empires

    Age of Empires focused on events in Europe, Africa and Asia, spanning from the Stone Age to the Iron Age;…

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  • Shovel Knight

    Shovel Knight

    Shovel Knight is a sweeping classic action adventure game with awesome gameplay, memorable characters, and an 8-bit retro aesthetic. It's…

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  • Wolfenstein: New Order

    Wolfenstein: New Order

    Europe, 1960. The tide of World War II has been turned using a new kind of mysterious, advanced technology. Using…

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  • Super Meat Boy

    Super Meat Boy

    Super Meat Boy is a tough as nails platformer where you play as an animated cube of meat who's trying…

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  • Star Trek Online

    Star Trek Online

    Star Trek Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Cryptic Studios based on the Star Trek series…

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  • Doom


    DOOM returns in this action-packed, adrenaline-pumping installment on your Xbox One. Developed by id Software, DOOM plunges you into exhilarating…

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  • Deadpool


    There are a few important things I need to say before you crack into my insanely sweet game. (You might…

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  • SW Battlefront

    SW Battlefront

    The ominous thud of an AT-AT stomping down. Rebel forces firing blasters. Imperial speeder bikes zipping by. Intense dogfights between…

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  • World of Warplanes

    World of Warplanes

    Breathtaking air battles with planes of the golden era of military aviation in a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game. World of…

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  • World of Warships

    World of Warships

    The highly anticipated World of Warships is the latest free-to-play combat game to be added to Wargaming’s catalog. Command a…

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  • War Thunder

    War Thunder

    War Thunder is a free-to-play, cross-platform MMO combat game for Windows, Linux, Mac and PlayStation4 dedicated to military vehicles used…

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  • Unturned


    Unturned is a sandbox game in the emerging multiplayer apocalypse survival genre. Rather than focusing on being an MMO it…

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  • Tribes: Ascend

    Tribes: Ascend

    Tribes: Ascend is the world’s fastest shooter - a high-adrenaline, online multiplayer FPS with jetpacks, skiing, vehicles, and multiple classes.…

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  • Team Fortress 2

    Team Fortress 2

    One of the most popular online action games of all time, Team Fortress 2 delivers constant free updates—new game modes,…

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  • Rust


    The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger,…

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  • Pinball Arcade

    Pinball Arcade

    Pinball Arcade by FarSight Studios features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables from Williams®, Bally®, Stern Pinball®, and…

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  • Neverwinter


    Neverwinter is a free, action MMORPG based on the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. Epic stories, action combat…

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  • Might & Magic: DoC

    Might & Magic: DoC

    Enter the legendary universe of Might & Magic with this fantastic strategic online card game. With more than 770 cards,…

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  • Marvel Heroes

    Marvel Heroes

    Marvel Heroes 2015 is the Marvel MMO ARPG that you have been waiting for! Play as Iron Man, Star-Lord, Thor,…

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  • Lord of the Rings Online

    Lord of the Rings Online

    Join the world’s greatest fellowship of players in the award-winning online re-creation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendary Middle-earth. From…

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  • Heroes & Generals

    Heroes & Generals

    Heroes & Generals is a Free2Play Massively Online FPS with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign, set in the midst of World…

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  • Frozen Cortex

    Frozen Cortex

    Make a plan for your customised robots on a randomly-generated playfield. Positioning, timing and reading the terrain are all vital…

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  • Day-Z


    Welcome to the world of DayZ, hit by a new and presently unknown infection which has wiped out most of…

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  • CS Nexon: Zombies

    CS Nexon: Zombies

    One of the most influential FPS franchises, Counter-Strike is one of the most popular online games to date. Pitting Terrorists…

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  • Clicker Heroes

    Clicker Heroes

    Ever wondered what one quadrillion damage per second feels like? Wonder no more! Embark on your quest to attain it…

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  • Cities: Skylines

    Cities: Skylines

    Cities: Skylines is a modern take on the classic city simulation. The game introduces new game play elements to realize…

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  • COD: Black Ops 2

    COD: Black Ops 2

    Pushing the boundaries of what fans have come to expect from the record-setting entertainment franchise, Call of Duty®: Black Ops…

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  • Blacklight Retribution

    Blacklight Retribution

    Take firefights to a futuristic new level in Blacklight: Retribution, a free-to-play FPS. See through walls with the HRV, deploy…

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  • Battlefield 1

    Battlefield 1

    Battlefield 1 takes you back to The Great War, WW1, where new technology and worldwide conflict changed the face of…

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  • Alien Swarm

    Alien Swarm

    The game thrusts players into an epic bug hunt featuring a unique blend of co-op play and squad-level tactics. With…

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  • COD: Black Ops III

    COD: Black Ops III

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the ultimate 3-games-in-1 experience. In Campaign mode, you must navigate the hot spots…

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  • Rocket League

    Rocket League

    The sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars, Rocket League blends soccer with a destruction derby.

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  • Project Cars

    Project Cars

    Nothing compares to the feeling you get on race day. Your heightened senses take in all of the surrounding sights,…

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  • Warframe


    They were called Tenno. Warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor. Those that survived the old war were…

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  • ARK: Survival Evolved

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing & starving on a mysterious island, you must hunt, harvest, craft items,…

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  • Heroes of the Storm

    Heroes of the Storm

    Heroes of the Storm has a number of unique battlegrounds, each of which is characterized by a core, legendary event…

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  • World of Tanks

    World of Tanks

    World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian-Cypriot company Wargaming, featuring early to mid-20th century era fighting…

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  • DOTA 2

    DOTA 2

    When the world was still cooling, a crystalline satellite entered the planet's orbit and became a permanent feature. Existing through…

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  • CS: Global Offensive

    CS: Global Offensive

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) expands upon the team-based action gameplay that the franchise pioneered when it was launched 12 years…

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  • League of Legends

    League of Legends

    A lot goes into a successful battle on the Fields of Justice. In the new player guide, you’ll learn how…

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  • Minecraft


    As a child you played with wooden or plastic blocks to create what you saw in the world around you…

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  • Diablo 3

    Diablo 3

    Deckard Cain scuffs his foot just in front of the ruins of Tristram Cathedral. The stirrings of evil have returned…

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  • Metal Gear Solid 5

    Metal Gear Solid 5

    Set off in pursuit of the shadow group, XOF, as Snake in The Phantom Pain, which features an open-world design,…

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